St. Kateri Tekakwitha  Catholic Community

First Communion Schedule July 2020

 July 20 - Monday         7:00PM- Fr. Dennis - Spanish

 July 21- Tuesday           5:00PM- Fr. Steve- Spanish

                                      7:00PM- Fr. Dennis - English

July 22- Wednesday     7:00 PM - Fr. Dennis - English

July 23 -Thursday         7:00PM- Fr. Miguel or Fr. Dennis- Spanish

July 24- Friday              7:00PM-Fr. Dennis - English

July 27- Monday          5:00PM- Fr. Steve- Spanish

                                      7:00 PM - Fr. Miguel or Fr. Dennis - Spanish

July 28-Tuesday            5:00PM- Fr. Dennis or Fr. Miguel - Spanish

July 29-Wednesday      7:00PM- Fr. Dennis- English

July 30-Thursday          7:00PM- Fr. Steve- Spanish

July 31- Friday              7:00PM- Fr. Dennis



For Resources about the Eucharist , please click the link below:

We thank you for helping your children prepare themselves for this very important Sacrament. The Church always emphasize the primary role of the parents as the first teachers of the faith to their children. Catechists are only helping you, parents, to fulfill your obligation to your children to bring them up to the faith which you have given them when they were baptized.  

All First Communion classes in English and Spanish  in our Parish are conducted in the Banning Site ( 157 West Nicolet ) at the Catechetical Center and usually done in the evening. Parents are required to sign in and sign out their children. This is to ensure the safety of your children. Parents will also take a formation designed for the parents so they can be helped in teaching their children.

To register your children for First Communion classes, please call the Director of Catechetical Ministry , Irene Rodriguez at  951-845-2849 ext 303 or 305

We are also in need of Catechists. If you are interested in becoming a Catechist, please call the parish office or the Catechetical Coordinator.